Monday, May 24, 2010

Claudius's Letter to my shop visitors.

This is the note that Claudius (in his own kitty way) and I wrote to welcome guests to the Etsy page. I knew it was time to pull it down but I couldn't let it just be deleted so here it is. I miss that darn cat.

*CLAUDIUS' NOTE- (Our senior foster cat would like to say hello)

Hello viewers of my new family's page! My name is Claudius and I have had a life full of adventure. I am around 16 years old, of Persian heritage and very handsome indeed. Someone declawed my front paws when I was younger but let me outside any way. Because I didn't have any front claws to protect myself they think that is why all of my teeth are very worn and broken. I was all on my own when a thing called a hematoma happened in my ear. There was no one to take me to the vet to get it fixed so my left ear is a little bit deformed. I also wasn't able to get any help for the cloud that attacked my left eye, Ms. Kitty calls it a "cat-eract" I just know it "eracted" my left eye and then went after my right eye so now I mostly use my whiskers and my memory to the directioning for me.

My new family is taking very good care of me. I have my own bedroom, but I also decided I wanted Ms. Kitty's big comfy chair so she let me have that too. I get to intimidate her large beast that seems too big and too lazy to be one of those dog things. I get to holler when I am too lost to wisker my way around and Mr. Coy or Ms. Kitty come running to help me out of the closet or wherever I have gotten into and onto open territory again. I get wet food every day when the other kitties only get it as a treat. They also are on a strict diet but I get to eat as much as I want. I hear from the other kitties in the house I am not the only one she saved and spoiled back to health. All of her kitties were labeled "unadoptable" and needed her help and she saved them all and takes care of them even though they have health issues, or behavior issues or mental issues.

When you buy something pretty (I know because I supervise!) you help care for me, world's most awesome survivor and gentleman, and the rest of her brood of special pets. So in advance, thank you for your assistance.

Sincerely yours- Mr. Claudius
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