Sunday, July 26, 2009

More on Claudius

Originally posted;
Sunday, April 12, 2009

Our little old man Claudius is doing very well. He has decided his favorite wet food is Meow Mix and we are totally ok with that. Every day he gets louder and louder with his meowing so I suppose that Meow Mix is the perfect brand for him! :) Claudius is the littlest ham I have ever encountered and at age 16 I am amazed. He has taken to sitting in the bathtub or on top of it and he waits for someone to walk in the bathroom door and he POPS out at you and shouts a hello! He loves to chat with anyone who is willing to chat with him. He is also incredibly curious and always getting into mischief. You would never believe how fast the old man can run, not always strait and often times into things but he sure can move! The lump on his neck seems to be staying about the same size so we are feeling good about him not having any issues with it for a good long while yet. We would still like to get it checked out, as well as a full blood workup but it is not something I could afford just yet. I will post video soon.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Claudius Comes Home

*Originally Posted March 25th 2009*

Claudius's story as we know it began about two weeks ago when he was picked up as a stray in Carrollton by their animal control officers. They found him dirty and ragged and were amazed by his tenacity in surviving on his own for who knows how long with all the issues he had stuck against him. Claudius is around 15 years old. He has been declawed on the front. He is missing a couple of teeth, he is blind in one eye and loosing sight in one eye. Some time years ago he had what is called a hematoma in his ear where the blood vessals in his ear burst and no one took care of it and the ear deformed around it to protect the rest of his body. It caused him a very large amount of pain for a very long time, but he did not let that phase him. How he has a lump on his neck about the size of a golf ball. I find out most of this after I took him in.

We made the decision to take him in to our home because he looked like an amazing survivor who deserved a great retirement home and we wanted to make sure he got just that. Unfortunately before we were able to get him and take him home another lady from Haltom City adopted him. I had hoped that the lady would give him the best home possible but we soon found out that she was not the best pet owner for him. She tended to take in many pets and had a very small home. She also did not really know anything about animals and was trying to sell him. We decided that we could spare a bit of money to get him out of that situation. She told people he for sure had cancer though that proved to not be a fact. She told people that he had no teeth where he actually has a pretty full mouth. We soon found out from regular Craig's List people that she has had issues with rescuers before. We gave her the money she wanted and took him home!

His first day home we found out lots of things about him:
He had teeth for one thing!
He is an angel in the carrier once you get him in, he just curls up and chills like
it is no big deal.
He is a perfect gentleman when it comes to litter box manners.
He does enjoy a little bit of string chase though sadly due to his sight and lack
of depth perception he isn't really great at it.
He likes small dark corners to lay in, especially under Coy's corner desk.
He loves The Walker Brothers and lots of other 60's music.
He is not the sturdiest of kitties and can often loose his balance, mostly in
the back end area, so tends to stay away from high areas.
He actually likes his dry food more than the wet!
He meows very lightly and very rarely.
He makes the funniest noises and the funniest faces that keep you smiling all the time.
If you hug him because he is so freaking cute he leans back and looks at you
like you are crazy and this "ack! I am way too bad ass an old man for
hugs!!! Now pet me!!!" That just makes you want to hug him more.
Kisses he just doesn't see coming so when you plant one on his face he
jumps back like WTF?!?!?
His lump on his neck is fluid filled, that is really all we can figure out with
the money that I have.

More to come! We are hoping to find out more about the lump on his neck but it is impossible with the fact that I am a broke barista at Starbucks and Coy is a broke independent house cleaner. We do accept donations and would appreciate them more than words can say but you do need to understand that we are only independent rescuers that do what we can. We try to work with many non-profit rescues and shelters but often are unable to work through them so we do what we can on our own. That is what Claudius is for the time being. We decided not to go through any rescue because his future is so uncertain and we do not want to waste the already thin resources of a rescue as well as end up re-homing him before we know for sure what the lump is. Your donations therefor will not be tax deductable as they would be through a registered non-profit. So we do not expect a decision to donate to us as opposed to a non-profit, but if sure would be appreciated and really help us help Claudius. Also if for some reason you would like to take in an amazing 15 year old kitty with what could be an incredibly short life span and a large price tag attached please let me know. We will have more posts to come. :)

Thursday, July 23, 2009

In the begining.....

When I was a little kid I was always the one trying to bring home anything furry that I thought might need my help. That means baby birds, baby squirrels, baby bunnies, and any stray that would let me get my hands on them. Sometimes I would bring home dogs larger than I was. When I was around 10 or so my mom tore out a newspaper article about a lady in South Dallas that ran an anything and everything rescue through her house. Anything that needed her help, got her help. There was a phone number to contact if you wanted to volunteer. I started going to the lady's house to help her take care of her animals. There were bunnies, cats, dogs, hamsters, birds of all kinds, a squirrel, tons of pot bellied pigs (this was right after their pet craze,) she had even taken two capuchin monkeys in to train them as assistance monkeys for the physically impaired. She taught me about how to take care of animals, how every animal needs something just a little bit different. There I learned about how the decision to own the "it" pet can affect many animals for the rest of their lives. I learned what "rescue" meant and that people can treat animals cruelly and thoughtlessly. I saw litters of potbellied pigs being born in a back yard already over full of pigs no one wanted anymore. I saw the eyes of the pets abandoned, left behind and abused. This was different from the dog that got loose from his yard because he was afraid of the storm, the baby bird that fell from its nest. This was real suffering and loss these pets were going through and it was because of us, People. I hadn't yet learned about our impact on our animal friends. From that point on I decided that I would make sure to give everything I could in my life to help as many animals as I possibly could. I knew then I was, a Rescuer.

Since then I have volunteered for Operation Kindness being a regular volunteer, helping in their shelter, at adoption events, and as a pregnant cat foster. I have as always taken in whichever animal happens to come my way that tells me it needs my help, that makes around three rats, 6 cats, and 5 dogs, all those were independent fosters that now have either passed on or found very good loving homes. I have fostered for several rescue groups, and helped out shelters. I have a MYSPACE site that is dedicated to helping pets find homes and people become more informed about pets and pet care. Hopefully this BlogSpot will help do the same. Pretty much if I can help in some way, I will try to help. Even when I am busy, sick and basically don't really enjoy having to work with others I still try to do what I can.

Though I pretty much never have money and what money I do have normally goes to my pets and my foster pets I do try to donate to places like the Humane Society and the ASPCA when I have a couple of extra dollars. $8 annually is better than none I suppose. I have started an ETSY page to sell the things I make to help afford to care for our fosters. I will be happy to go the extra mile for those willing to go the extra mile for the funds to care for my animals! Please check it out;