Sunday, July 26, 2009

More on Claudius

Originally posted;
Sunday, April 12, 2009

Our little old man Claudius is doing very well. He has decided his favorite wet food is Meow Mix and we are totally ok with that. Every day he gets louder and louder with his meowing so I suppose that Meow Mix is the perfect brand for him! :) Claudius is the littlest ham I have ever encountered and at age 16 I am amazed. He has taken to sitting in the bathtub or on top of it and he waits for someone to walk in the bathroom door and he POPS out at you and shouts a hello! He loves to chat with anyone who is willing to chat with him. He is also incredibly curious and always getting into mischief. You would never believe how fast the old man can run, not always strait and often times into things but he sure can move! The lump on his neck seems to be staying about the same size so we are feeling good about him not having any issues with it for a good long while yet. We would still like to get it checked out, as well as a full blood workup but it is not something I could afford just yet. I will post video soon.

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