Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Snow Day

Spent the day with my dad, shopping at Wal-Mart and hanging out enjoying the snow. I love when it snows here, but think it is hilarious that everyone is overreacting or underreacting driving. They either drive like it is the end of the world or that it is just every other day. I am just glad my dad is a great driver and that I learned from him, but there were still a couple of close calls from those acting like rain and snow required no caution at all.

We got a good storage container on sale for a new litter box. It is nearly 4 feet deep so more than likely it will just be for the two boys and I still need to buy another one that is shallow for the midget Ani who can jump up on tables with no problem but doesn't feel like hopping up into a litter box. I bring the box inside when I get home and Coy looks at it and tells me that there is no way the kitties can jump into that and that the sides are too high. Not minutes later Claudius hops up and into the box to investigate! It was like he was trying to prove a point, after Coy came and saw Claudius climbed out and onto his favorite amp to sleep.

It is my brother's birthday today, he turns 23 but is still my baby brother. Yummy dinner with him, one of his best friends (and one of the few friends he allows around us, since he practically grew up in our house,) my grandmother and parents at one of our favorite Mexican restaurants. He and his friend went out to party afterwards and I do just kind of wish I had been invited. I am not really cool I know and I am sure most people don't want their siblings hanging around them, but I do wish I were friends. I suppose that just comes with time, I sure hope so.

Kitties thought it would be hilarious to kick off my morning by each pooing directly in front of the back door so that it was a freaking mine field for both me and the dog this morning when trying to let him outside to potty and trying to rub the fog off of my contacts. Their efforts were foiled however as right as I opened the sliding glass door to the sunroom and my vision cleared and I was able to take preventative measures and Bobo was able to hop right over the "mines" to make it safely into the backyard and back inside. HA! So take THAT kitties!!!

Monday, December 28, 2009

Funny seeing you here

I haven't been here to update in a while. For the imaginary people who read this, I am sorry. My life has been in a bit of a whirlwind the past couple of months and writing has not been something my brain was capable of slowing down enough to take time for. However now I have lots to talk about. First and foremost, an update on everyone's favorite pirate cat Claudius.

Claudius amazes me every single day. It has been over 9 months since we got Claudius and were told to not expect to have more than around 6 weeks with him. Every day has been a miracle. The biggest miracle for me has been his tail. When we first got him he looked, well, ratty. (no offense to my fancy rats out there...I know you are adorable, it is not you guys I speak of when I use the term.) His fur was thin, especially on his tail, and at about two inches before the tip of his tail it looked as if he had got it caught on something because there was a ring of fur very noticeably missing. His coat was incredibly soft but not very full or shiny at all and I know he had just been groomed. Now I can't even feel the bones in his tail if I tried. The fluff is astounding, especially for someone who has never owned a Persian before. I noticed it suddenly while we were hanging out watching TV one night and I was attacked by its volume. When I moved it out of my face I noticed how thick what I was holding was and remembered holding back a giggle several months before at its sad, ropey mess. I couldn't believe it. I went and got his brush and after a couple of seconds was astounded to see how full his coat was, and how shiny and fluffy. Not only that, he had wiskers! Long, albeit very kinky, but there, keeping him that much further away from walls and furniture. When we got him they were brittle and broken, now they easily reach three inches or longer. The lump in his neck long gone, a healthy appetite and a whole pound gained. His hospice label has been long gone from our house, no matter his age, and now the "foster" is gone as well. House cat, family member, and squishy baby are his new labels.

In the past nine months he has gotten a full coat, lost a lump, gained a pound, became picky about food (with gravy, seafood only, a variety must be maintained) made tentative friends with my other cats, learned to play with toys (his mat and my catnip toys I make him) learned to get his way with his daddy, how to get around the house without running into anything (provided we don't move furniture and he isn't trotting) that he likes to go outside on supervised visits to the backyard and eat tasty grass and lie in the sun on the pavement with his fellow outdoor explorer Dr. Wiggles. He also has gained some strength, now strong enough to hop onto the bed that is a whopping three and a half feet tall, more than double his previous record. He has learned to be a nurse and insists on being with "mom" when she is sick, even if that requires him to have the strength to leap onto a bed three and a half feet tall. He has learned backpacks make good beds, that while the mat in front of the shower is great, inside the shower is nothing but evil! We have learned all of his favorite rub spots and he has learned how to demand attention. He was given six weeks to live and past six months over three months ago. He has secured a very special place in our hearts and of those who meet him. Most excitedly, and recently, we have learned that he has actually gained some sight in his right eye thanks to his dramatic increase in health and is no longer considered totally blind! He still can't see very well but in good light he can see movement and shapes and things very close to him.

Now the other babies. Anton the neurotic is getting better on leaving the sunroom and made it all the way into the den and into my chair to give me a kiss before hearing something and dashing back into the sunroom and into his chimney. It is progress and better than nothing. He also did very well on his last nail trimming and did not panic or hyperventilate at all. It sometimes takes work to be able to get a hold of him while someone else is in the room but it helps the nail trimming go faster if there is someone to hold and someone to clip. Speaking of assistance, our pet God-mommy came to petsit for several days while we attended a wedding in Alabama. She did a great job but for all that Anton knows her and will even be seen in her presence while I am around we have discovered that no-one is acceptable if I am not in the same room. As soon as we left town Anton was up the chimney and hissing at poor Lauren. No matter how much you know that it isn't you, it is the cat, it still stings to have a cat you love refuse to let you near. I came back and he was out of the chimney all "kiss kiss" and "where have you been mommy!?!?!" in my lap and still on the outs with Lauren. At least there is me, but I wonder what would have become of him had I given him back to Operation Kindness with the rest of his litter and not kept him for worry over his obvious neuroses. Would he have gotten over his "mommy" issues? Would he have become a well balanced house kitty? Or would he have freaked out everyone who came to play with him and end up growing up and living inside Operation Kindness as one of their long term kitties and never have a home? These are things I worry about with my little Anton. Coy says he is a neurotic ball of nerves because I named him Anton. I wonder if Chekov was this way?

Ani is fat. She is at the ripe age of....somewhere around 13 years old and due to her age her metabolism has slowed drastically. This means me freaking out over her weight gain and rushing her to the vet was met with lots of giggles as all that was discovered in an ultrasound was fat. It also means the midget is going on a diet. Also trying to get her into playtime a little bit more, I think she misses having a kitten in the house to beat up on. Maybe it is just me missing the pregnant fostering I used to do and getting to have a house full of kittens for 8 weeks. She hasn't over groomed in months and I couldn't be happier. I think she finally put together, over grooming means mom puts on the e-collar and has to rub on yucky ointment until I heal back again. She also now thinks it is hilarious to not use the litterbox. Unless it is totally fresh litter she will not even go into the litterbox, she just pees and poos directly outside of it. Off to the store in a bit to buy yet another litterbox and even more litter. The first thing I am going to do if I ever make it rich somehow is hire someone to maintain the litterboxes every single day.

Dr. Wiggles is the same as always, happy, goofy, excited to romp outside and nom grass and get food and attention. He is still always the first in the morning to come out of the sunroom and into my lap. He still amazes me that a cat that is a chunk (though a healthy, maintained chunk) can run so fast and jump so high. Much higher than Pirate Claud and almost as high as the neurotic athlete Anton. He always knows how to get a smile.

Bobo the houdini has now learned how to open the gate and simply walk out of the back yard. That made for a horrifying ten minutes. Thankfully he always walks directly up to the first person he sees for attention and I was called quickly, this time only one street over. Now have the lock on the gate 100% of the time. Has also taken to practical jokes, like entering a room, giving a kiss, farting and then leaving the room with a big goofy smile on his face. I only find this hilarious because thanks to a lingering sinus infection, I haven't had a sense of smell in about a month. Also because Coy is the one who spoils Bobo with people food it is only fair he should be the only one to suffer the consequences.

In other news, I left Starbucks. My boss was horrible, the company is going down hill and in a hurry and I am glad to be gone. I am sad to have lost my benefits and the tuition reimbursement that was going to enable me to get back into school this January that is now no longer possible. But it won't derail my plans for long. I intend to get back to school during the summer semesters. I think that will be a better way to get back into school anyway. Good news is that I got a great new job through a newish company in a brand new store called Village Tea. It is a popular on-line tea company that just opened it's flagship store in Dallas, at Preston and Forest and I got a job there. It is perfect since I love the chill atmosphere and and amazing teas (22 kinds!) and the tasty food. Coy even gets to come play acoustic sets on Friday and Saturday from 8-11pm which I find the best part since I love his acoustic stuff best of all. I get to help the stores expand and use my previous beverage and training knowledge to make the shops a better place. I love it!

Well that is about all for now. If you are still reading, imaginary friends, I applaud you for your determination. Thank you for joining me. See you soon, I promise.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

My "Aunt" Susan :(

Today my cousin Susan passed away. I didn't know she was even in the hospital, though I don't know if I would have visited even if I knew. She had been in and out of the hospital for about as long as I could remember and always came out pretty much unfazed. If anyone could have survived out of pure stubbornness it would have been her. My "aunt" Susan was always amazing to me, always very small with a raspy voice full of bite and wit. She could be sharp and stinging as a whip but kind and gentle as well. She cared for her animals and they worshiped her. Her kids were screwed up but she still loved them and took care of them as best she could. When I was a kid I always felt like the outcast in the family. I wasn't part of the close family that spent all their time together, I looked different from all my cousins, I was quieter and my parents weren't as lenient as theirs. The cousins my age pretty much treated me as such and didn't really want me around much. I still kind of get that from them but never from Susan. She was always happy to see me and if I wasn't at a gathering she would hassle my mother and demand I be at the next one. She always told me I was her favorite and though I am pretty sure she told all the cousins that it really meant something to me. She always made me feel valued and that not everyone felt I was the freak of the family. I feel like I let her down not getting to see her in so long. I only went with Coy once to clean her house, missed Easter because I was working, I missed the last two funerals because of work. It has made me realize I need to put my family in front of work because if I keep putting work first I will loose out on spending time with people who are way more important to me.

I still can't believe she is gone. I don't think any family gathering will ever feel the same. I wonderful if I will ever feel comfortable at a family gathering again, she always made me feel so protected and welcome. She was always so sweet to me and in her own way, to everyone else. I will miss her hugs, her personality, her fighting spirit and her sense of humor. I am very happy, though, that she is no longer in pain, she no longer has any worries, is with her husband and can smoke and drink as much as she pleases without any worries!

Friday, August 7, 2009

My life

Seriously! How is it that I forget to pay some tickets and spend 36 hours in jail, in isolation, then being moved in with general pop, rotated all over the place, transferred all over the place even different cities, have to change into those sexy orange outfits and hang out with psychos and crack whores, Coy gets around his warrants without paying for YEARS finally gets called on them and he gets to FOLLOW the cop to the station so his car doesn't get towed, gets to hang out in his own cell with a COT, get offered a book, magazines and hang out for two hours and he is done?!?! WTF?!?! Now I am out $650 and I get to spend the rest of my life wondering who I effed over in a past life to earn the luck I got stuck with in this one!!! Murphey's Law? I gots it!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

More on Claudius

Originally posted;
Sunday, April 12, 2009

Our little old man Claudius is doing very well. He has decided his favorite wet food is Meow Mix and we are totally ok with that. Every day he gets louder and louder with his meowing so I suppose that Meow Mix is the perfect brand for him! :) Claudius is the littlest ham I have ever encountered and at age 16 I am amazed. He has taken to sitting in the bathtub or on top of it and he waits for someone to walk in the bathroom door and he POPS out at you and shouts a hello! He loves to chat with anyone who is willing to chat with him. He is also incredibly curious and always getting into mischief. You would never believe how fast the old man can run, not always strait and often times into things but he sure can move! The lump on his neck seems to be staying about the same size so we are feeling good about him not having any issues with it for a good long while yet. We would still like to get it checked out, as well as a full blood workup but it is not something I could afford just yet. I will post video soon.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Claudius Comes Home

*Originally Posted March 25th 2009*

Claudius's story as we know it began about two weeks ago when he was picked up as a stray in Carrollton by their animal control officers. They found him dirty and ragged and were amazed by his tenacity in surviving on his own for who knows how long with all the issues he had stuck against him. Claudius is around 15 years old. He has been declawed on the front. He is missing a couple of teeth, he is blind in one eye and loosing sight in one eye. Some time years ago he had what is called a hematoma in his ear where the blood vessals in his ear burst and no one took care of it and the ear deformed around it to protect the rest of his body. It caused him a very large amount of pain for a very long time, but he did not let that phase him. How he has a lump on his neck about the size of a golf ball. I find out most of this after I took him in.

We made the decision to take him in to our home because he looked like an amazing survivor who deserved a great retirement home and we wanted to make sure he got just that. Unfortunately before we were able to get him and take him home another lady from Haltom City adopted him. I had hoped that the lady would give him the best home possible but we soon found out that she was not the best pet owner for him. She tended to take in many pets and had a very small home. She also did not really know anything about animals and was trying to sell him. We decided that we could spare a bit of money to get him out of that situation. She told people he for sure had cancer though that proved to not be a fact. She told people that he had no teeth where he actually has a pretty full mouth. We soon found out from regular Craig's List people that she has had issues with rescuers before. We gave her the money she wanted and took him home!

His first day home we found out lots of things about him:
He had teeth for one thing!
He is an angel in the carrier once you get him in, he just curls up and chills like
it is no big deal.
He is a perfect gentleman when it comes to litter box manners.
He does enjoy a little bit of string chase though sadly due to his sight and lack
of depth perception he isn't really great at it.
He likes small dark corners to lay in, especially under Coy's corner desk.
He loves The Walker Brothers and lots of other 60's music.
He is not the sturdiest of kitties and can often loose his balance, mostly in
the back end area, so tends to stay away from high areas.
He actually likes his dry food more than the wet!
He meows very lightly and very rarely.
He makes the funniest noises and the funniest faces that keep you smiling all the time.
If you hug him because he is so freaking cute he leans back and looks at you
like you are crazy and this "ack! I am way too bad ass an old man for
hugs!!! Now pet me!!!" That just makes you want to hug him more.
Kisses he just doesn't see coming so when you plant one on his face he
jumps back like WTF?!?!?
His lump on his neck is fluid filled, that is really all we can figure out with
the money that I have.

More to come! We are hoping to find out more about the lump on his neck but it is impossible with the fact that I am a broke barista at Starbucks and Coy is a broke independent house cleaner. We do accept donations and would appreciate them more than words can say but you do need to understand that we are only independent rescuers that do what we can. We try to work with many non-profit rescues and shelters but often are unable to work through them so we do what we can on our own. That is what Claudius is for the time being. We decided not to go through any rescue because his future is so uncertain and we do not want to waste the already thin resources of a rescue as well as end up re-homing him before we know for sure what the lump is. Your donations therefor will not be tax deductable as they would be through a registered non-profit. So we do not expect a decision to donate to us as opposed to a non-profit, but if sure would be appreciated and really help us help Claudius. Also if for some reason you would like to take in an amazing 15 year old kitty with what could be an incredibly short life span and a large price tag attached please let me know. We will have more posts to come. :)

Thursday, July 23, 2009

In the begining.....

When I was a little kid I was always the one trying to bring home anything furry that I thought might need my help. That means baby birds, baby squirrels, baby bunnies, and any stray that would let me get my hands on them. Sometimes I would bring home dogs larger than I was. When I was around 10 or so my mom tore out a newspaper article about a lady in South Dallas that ran an anything and everything rescue through her house. Anything that needed her help, got her help. There was a phone number to contact if you wanted to volunteer. I started going to the lady's house to help her take care of her animals. There were bunnies, cats, dogs, hamsters, birds of all kinds, a squirrel, tons of pot bellied pigs (this was right after their pet craze,) she had even taken two capuchin monkeys in to train them as assistance monkeys for the physically impaired. She taught me about how to take care of animals, how every animal needs something just a little bit different. There I learned about how the decision to own the "it" pet can affect many animals for the rest of their lives. I learned what "rescue" meant and that people can treat animals cruelly and thoughtlessly. I saw litters of potbellied pigs being born in a back yard already over full of pigs no one wanted anymore. I saw the eyes of the pets abandoned, left behind and abused. This was different from the dog that got loose from his yard because he was afraid of the storm, the baby bird that fell from its nest. This was real suffering and loss these pets were going through and it was because of us, People. I hadn't yet learned about our impact on our animal friends. From that point on I decided that I would make sure to give everything I could in my life to help as many animals as I possibly could. I knew then I was, a Rescuer.

Since then I have volunteered for Operation Kindness being a regular volunteer, helping in their shelter, at adoption events, and as a pregnant cat foster. I have as always taken in whichever animal happens to come my way that tells me it needs my help, that makes around three rats, 6 cats, and 5 dogs, all those were independent fosters that now have either passed on or found very good loving homes. I have fostered for several rescue groups, and helped out shelters. I have a MYSPACE site that is dedicated to helping pets find homes and people become more informed about pets and pet care. Hopefully this BlogSpot will help do the same. Pretty much if I can help in some way, I will try to help. Even when I am busy, sick and basically don't really enjoy having to work with others I still try to do what I can.

Though I pretty much never have money and what money I do have normally goes to my pets and my foster pets I do try to donate to places like the Humane Society and the ASPCA when I have a couple of extra dollars. $8 annually is better than none I suppose. I have started an ETSY page to sell the things I make to help afford to care for our fosters. I will be happy to go the extra mile for those willing to go the extra mile for the funds to care for my animals! Please check it out; http://www.kittyskrafties.etsy.com