Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Snow Day

Spent the day with my dad, shopping at Wal-Mart and hanging out enjoying the snow. I love when it snows here, but think it is hilarious that everyone is overreacting or underreacting driving. They either drive like it is the end of the world or that it is just every other day. I am just glad my dad is a great driver and that I learned from him, but there were still a couple of close calls from those acting like rain and snow required no caution at all.

We got a good storage container on sale for a new litter box. It is nearly 4 feet deep so more than likely it will just be for the two boys and I still need to buy another one that is shallow for the midget Ani who can jump up on tables with no problem but doesn't feel like hopping up into a litter box. I bring the box inside when I get home and Coy looks at it and tells me that there is no way the kitties can jump into that and that the sides are too high. Not minutes later Claudius hops up and into the box to investigate! It was like he was trying to prove a point, after Coy came and saw Claudius climbed out and onto his favorite amp to sleep.

It is my brother's birthday today, he turns 23 but is still my baby brother. Yummy dinner with him, one of his best friends (and one of the few friends he allows around us, since he practically grew up in our house,) my grandmother and parents at one of our favorite Mexican restaurants. He and his friend went out to party afterwards and I do just kind of wish I had been invited. I am not really cool I know and I am sure most people don't want their siblings hanging around them, but I do wish I were friends. I suppose that just comes with time, I sure hope so.

Kitties thought it would be hilarious to kick off my morning by each pooing directly in front of the back door so that it was a freaking mine field for both me and the dog this morning when trying to let him outside to potty and trying to rub the fog off of my contacts. Their efforts were foiled however as right as I opened the sliding glass door to the sunroom and my vision cleared and I was able to take preventative measures and Bobo was able to hop right over the "mines" to make it safely into the backyard and back inside. HA! So take THAT kitties!!!

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