Saturday, January 16, 2010

My baby!

New news!

Anton took his first steps outside the other day. Not once in his five years have he ever had the courage, or even the inclination to explore the outside world with the other kitties. Dr. Wiggles is big on the outside and will run outside whenever he is allowed. Claudius will occasionally brave the outside world and explore, where Ani likes to have brief visits, sniff the fresh air and hop back inside. The other day all three were outside and I was standing next to the door and Anton stepped towards the door and after about 5 minutes of sniffing he took one paw, then the other, then a HUGE stretch and eventually, all four paws were outside! Anton then took a deep breath, sniffed a leaf and hopped back inside like a little bunny. So proud of my little baby!!!

In even bigger news, My daddy got a job!!!! My dad has been struggling to find a job for a very long time, battling against age and a lack of a degree no matter how amazing he is that can be difficult! I would like to congratulate my dad as well as a big mental hug for the company that hired him. I know he will be successful because he really puts his heart into all he does.

Also I attended my first North Dallas Etsy meeting tonight and am really excited about it. I really feel like I am going to have the opportunity to learn from these experienced people and become better at my craft. Thanks to that I really hope I will be able to reach my goal of totally supporting my special needs animals with my shop. I just hope that I am able to contribute something back to the group, aside from pet care tips! :P

Ok since I have to be awake in 6 hours for work... I am going to sleep!!! Cheers ;)

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