Monday, January 18, 2010


Right now I just got home from work, I am sitting in my fluffy chair and watching Claudius trying to figure out where his chair went. While his health has helped bring back some eyesight but he would still be classified blind. He gets around by memory now more than by wiskers. Today my fantastic boyfriend cleaned and organized the house but doing so meant moving several of my diner chairs back to the diner table in the dining area. This also meant that Claudius's new favorite hang out, my Mimi's buffet, is a four foot hop not a hop on a chair then a hop to the buffet. After trying to figure out where the heck his chair went he did a little prairie dog stand, and realizing there was only more height he huffed, and promptly hopped up onto my lap. I guess that makes my feeling about the chair being moved difficult, because I got my snuggle bug out of it! :P

...Does make typing a bit difficult though.

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